From ATA in Indianapolis we are joined by Sereena & Nate Thompson of Nature's Paint. We catch up with Sereena since the last podcast and hear all about her experience with the 2018 Extreme Huntress competition and coming in 2nd place. We also talk about Nature's Paint, where they are today compared to the early days of making their product in their kitchen and their new packaging. Sereena & Nate share their involvement with different camps and organizations and how amazing it is to be around like minded people who have the same goals in life and in hunting. Nate talks about his passion for black tail hunting, his favorite memories of hunting as a kid and where Sereena and Nate love to go in the wilderness to be together.


:47- Intro Sereena & Nate Thompson from ATA in Indianapolis, IN -

2:54- The history of Nature's Paint. Where they started hand pouring the face paint in their kitchen to now being manufactured and getting new packaging.

7:13- How Nate & Sereena handle running a business and juggling hunting and kids.

11:16- Sereena's involvement in the 2018 Extreme Huntress competition and coming in 2nd place but winning the polls. Sereena talks about the competition in general, her hunt in Texas and what she took away from the experience.

18:15- The personal accomplishments that Sereena got out of the competition and what she learned about herself. 

22:35- The many organizations Nate & Sereena are involved in helping women & children in the hunting world. 

28:55- Nate's experience at home with the kids when Sereena in gone and his passion for Black Tail hunting.

33:30- How Nate got into the outdoors as a kid and his favorite hunting memories he has with his dad. 

40:43- The women's camps that they are involved in and how awesome it is to see the growth of the women they are helping. They also talk about what specifically they do at the camps all the way from hunting and cooking the meat to teaching women how to back up a trailer -

48:50- The place in the wilderness where they love to go together and the importance of teamwork in their hunting.

56:49- What is on the horizon for them and Nature's Paint.

58:01- Wrapping up