Kirstie Ennis joined the Marine Corps at 17 years old and served over six years as a helicopter door gunner and airframes mechanic, until June 23rd, 2012. This is the day that her life changed forever. On a routine flight to Now Zad & Musa Qala, Afghanistan, Kirstie's helicopter went down. As a result of the crash, Kirstie suffered extensive trauma to her brain and spinal cord, as well as extreme damage to her face, shoulder and left leg. After over 40 surgeries, an above the knee amputation, years of grueling physical & mental therapy and depression, Kirstie pulled through and is now an avid snowboarder, cyclist, mountaineer, rock climber, runner, swimmer & hunter.

Kirstie talks about the crash, the mental & physical battle she went through after, and the pivotal moment where she decided to take control of her life again. We discuss some of the incredible adventures she has gone on with one leg, her involvement with many projects including Wounded Warrior Outdoors and her new digital series, Adventures Enabled. Kirstie also talks about being on the cover of ESPN's The Body Issue, how she has made it her mission to inspire others with adversities to push through & overcome any situation, and some of the amazing adventures she still wants to achieve. 

If you need a little inspiration in your life, then give this one a listen. It will make you think, give you hope and push you to power through whatever obstacles come your way.


:56- Start of the podcast with Kirstie Ennis from Sheep Show in Reno, Nevada and intro into Kirstie's life.

3:41- Growing up with Marine Corps parents and traveling all over the United States. Kirstie talks about seeing all 50 states by the time she was a teenager and how much she loved it. She talks about how those experiences made her into the person she is today and what it was like after returning home from her first & second deployment having her family there to help pull her through her obstacles.

9:35- June 23rd, 2012. The day that Kirstie's life changed forever. It started like any other day and ended in a horrible crash. Kirstie walks us through that day, what she remembers and what she went through for years after to overcome her mental & physical injuries. - -

14:12- Kirstie talks about the mental battle that she went through after the Marine Corps told her she was not fit for duty any longer. She talks about almost getting to the point of giving up and what that pivotal moment was with her dad that made her realize she needed to take control of her life again.

16:00- Kirstie talks about how her parents have always inspired her since she was a child and how important it was for them to instill the Marine Corps values in her as a young girl.

16:53- The Wilderness. Kirstie talks about her first experiences being in the wilderness as a child and what she remembers about hunting with her dad and uncle.

19:04- The 1,000 Mile Walk. Kirstie's involvement in the 1,000 Mile Walk in Britain for fallen Marines and what she learned about inspiring other people that have adversities. -

22:12- Empowerment. Kirstie's advice to others that are overcoming limitations and how to keep pushing yourself to get outside and do more. They also discuss how crazy it is that we don't realize what we have until it is gone. Kirstie shares that she is doing more now with one leg than she was before with two legs.

26:37- Kirstie talks about the amazing Dall Sheep hunt she went on last year and how difficult it was. She questioned many things including what she was doing with her life before when she had two legs. She now lives her live by "Be better, be faster, be stronger, do more".  - 

28:05- Kirstie's new digital series Adventures Enabled. The experience of being around others who have gone through the same hardships she has and making light of the situation. - https://www.adventuresenabled.tv

32:35- How Kirstie got involved with The Wild Sheep Foundation & Wounded Warrior Outdoors. She talks about how they have helped her heal mentally and emotionally and how WWO started her on the most recent journey of Adventures Enabled. This series is meant to show people that they can overcome any obstacle. Kirstie also talks about her sheep hunt episode and how her co-host Matt Amos is like her brother but also her rival. -

39:20- ESPN's The Body Issue. Kirstie talks about being approached by ESPN to do The Body Issue and what inspired the photo spread of her rock climbing, naked. She talks about being on the cover and what the overall experience was like to bare all while doing what she loves. - -

45:23- How Kirstie got involved with Wilderness Athlete and how their brand and products have truly helped her to continue what she does as an athlete. -

48:07- What Kirstie has coming up and the one thing in 2018 that she is looking forward to the most.

51:24- Other stuff Kirstie has coming up and what she would like to accomplish in helping others.

53:13- Kirstie's favorite place in the wilderness and her Wild Goals for 2018 -

57:16- Wrapping up. Where to find Kirstie to follow her on the amazing journey she is on and where to go to submit your #wildgoals2018 to win some amazing prizes -