Whether you are bird watching, navigating, or hunting, having good glass is an essential tool in the outdoors. So for all you optic-gearheads out there, we have the "Optics Guru", JD Ponciano with Sport Optics Northwest here to talk about everything from a basic set of binos to range finders, spotting scopes and tripods. JD has been around the block when it comes to testing optics and has tried just about every brand out there. He sets the record straight on some misconceptions that many people have when selecting the right optic and why he personally carries multiple optics for different types of adventures. We cover everything from how he got into the industry, which optics are best for low light situations, and some new products he is excited about for 2018.

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:48- Intro JD from ATA in Indianapolis, Indian, how he got involved in selling optics and the different brands he sells - http://sportopticsnorthwest.com/ - http://sportopticsnorthwest.com/product-category/brands/

3:14- How JD got his start in the outdoors as a kid with his dad. He talks about big game hunting at the age of 8 and his first few experiences hunting bucks. 

10:44- JD talks about his family and juggling home life with business and hunting.

11:37- How the hunting industry has taught him everything he knows about the products he sells. They talk bout the industry as a whole and how much it has changed over the years, the misinformation that is out there about optics and how JD works with each individual customer based on their specific needs. He talks about finding ways to go about purchasing optics and why some people should save for a more expensive optic instead of buying a bunch of cheaper products over the years -http://sportopticsnorthwest.com/hunters/http://sportopticsnorthwest.com/birders/

18:42- JD shares a story of almost losing his father Swarovski's binoculars when he was younger and then 10-15 years later, losing them again in the water, finding them and then Swarovski fixing them after being under water for a significant amount of time.

21:31- How JD tests his optics for different scenarios and the different models he recommends. He also talks about using a tripod instead of glassing when trying to see small details of an animal if you have the time to do it -http://sportopticsnorthwest.com/product-category/accessories/tripods/

26:36- JD talks about the difference he has noticed between range finders and the different binoculars that have the range finders built in - http://sportopticsnorthwest.com/product-category/rangefinders/swarovski-rangefinders/ - http://sportopticsnorthwest.com/product-category/rangefinders/

34:14- Where people can find JD and the optics he sells and what he has coming up.

36:28- JD talks about his time in the wilderness, his favorite places he has been and what the wilderness means to him - https://www.instagram.com/sport_optics_northwest/

38:34- Wrapping up and special thanks for HHA Sports - http://www.hhasports.com/