We have another stacked show for you with an amazing guest who has been nominated & is now running for 2018 NRA Board of Directors. Kristy Titus grew up with a conservational mindset and a strong belief that with dedication, integrity, and the backbone of friends, family and faith, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. She truly believes this has shaped her into who she is today. Kristy talks about her life-long commitment to conversation, being a positive role model in an ever changing industry, and how we take a small step each day towards our goals. We talk about entitlement and the difference between a hand out & a hand up in today's society, and how to empower yourself and others through the choices that you make everyday. Kristy also talks about her new digital series, Pursue The Wild that took her a decade to create, overcoming knee reconstruction after wrecking her snowmobile, and the launch of her new line of elk calls. 


:45- Intro Kristy Titus from Sheep Show 2018 in Reno, Nevada.

3:42- Why Kristy loves Sheep Show and the companies involved. She talks about how everyone there is like family. She also talks about being involved with Wilderness Athlete for over 10 years and how important their products are to her because they are a real company with strong values.

9:12- Kristy's involvement in the outdoor industry & why she believes that if you are a hunter, you need to be involved in as many organizations as you can. She also talks about how her commitment to conservation has been her life since she can remember - http://bit.ly/2EzQa5ehttp://bit.ly/2o4PFWuhttp://bit.ly/2Fbbv1C

18:10- Being a positive role model in today's society and how we control our own lives and destiny. She talks about empowerment of yourself and how we all take a step each day towards our goals and dreams.

23:30- Where Kristy thinks her wilderness attitude came from and how she would describe it.

26:44- Entitlement. We talks about how entitlement has become a norm these days in every generation and why hunting is something you have to work hard for. Kristy believes hunting is something you dedicate yourself to, to be successful, it does not just get handed to you.

29:42- Kristy's new digital series, Pursue The Wild, distributed by RMEF and available on Amazon Prime & YouTube. She talks about this being a dream she started 10 years ago and now seeing what it has turned into. She has made this new brand very educational and hands-on through food preparation, hunting, training and much more - https://www.youtube.com/user/PursuetheWild

35:50- How wonderful it is to work with like-minded people who are genuine & real. Kristy also talks about her new elk call line and the feedback she has received so far - http://bit.ly/2GlGesjhttp://bit.ly/2oalU5I

38:41- Kristy talks about her knee reconstruction after wrecking her snowmobile and her road to recovery. She talks about basically teaching herself to walk again, getting back into a fitness regimen, and now preparing for a sheep hunt.

46:12- Kristy talks about losing a dear friend, Rick Carone, to pancreatic cancer after a hard fought 4-year battle. She explains what he taught her about the true meaning of "faith family & friends" and how it can help you overcome anything - http://bit.ly/2CrKh3Xhttp://bit.ly/2Co8UhThttp://atmlb.com/2BxMfD3

47:10- Wrapping up and where you can find Kristy's new show Pursue The Wild - https://www.youtube.com/user/PursuetheWild