If you didn't make it to the Western Hunting & Conservation Expo in Salt Lake City or haven't attended any hunt expos, we give you the inside look into what they are all about. Matt Howell & Brandon go on a walkabout exploring some of their favorite booths including Phone Skope, AccuBow, Total Archery Challenge and more. We hear about the products at each booth, exciting new things for 2018 & Brandon even gets his face painted. We also sit down with the one and only Tim Wells of Relentless Pursuit. Tim talks about what the wilderness does for him & his family, his brush with death in Africa and why he has the nickname "Slock Master". Tim also talks about his pinnacle moment as a hunter, what's going on with his kids & his upcoming hunts for bear, hippo & crocodile with a SPEAR! This is a podcast you will have to check out on YouTube to experience the walkabout for yourself! 


:02- Start of expo walkabout.

:21- Phone Skope booth with Tanner Kochevar. Tanner shows off the new rifle scope adapter called Skope Vision and talks about the product - https://www.phoneskope.com/skoped-vision

2:52- We check out the Skope Vision prototype 3D printed attachment system & how it works with your phone mounted on a rifle.

7:00- AccuBow booth- We talk with the owner Matt Pell about the AccuBow and how much it costs and where to find the product - https://accubow.com

11:20- How Matt came up with the idea for AccuBow and how it works with your phone to see your accuracy.

17:58- Total Archery Challenge booth. Sean Degray talks about the 2018 season, where they will be holding events and the changes they have made this year to the events themselves - http://totalarcherychallenge.com

22:51- Where did the Train to Hunt idea come from and what they do with all the leftover arrows after an event.

26:36- The huge prize they are giving away this year... a truck! Sean talks about the prize packages totaling over $40,000 plus gear.

29:14- Nature's Paint booth. Sereena Thompson talks about their products and Brandon gets his face painted - https://www.naturespaint.org

32:56- The Ultimate Predator Booth. Brandon & Matt talk with the owners, Dirk Dieterich & Lance Hallum about the different species of decoys they sell and how easy they are to attach to a bow - https://ultimatepredatorgear.com

37:05- Lance talks about their adventure camera products, what comes with the kit and the new features they have including hunt mode - http://bit.ly/2EGZnI4

41:03- Lance talks about the other decoys they offer including screw in bird decoys

43:20- Dark Energy Booth. Brandon & Matt talk to Garrett Aida about the Poseidon portable charger, what it can charge and how it is virtually indestructible - http://home.darkenergy.com/product/poseidon

46:21- Matt's experiment with putting the Poseidon in the freezer for 12 hours and it still working to charge 2 cell phones.

48:44- Where to buy the Poseidon and other Dark Energy Products.

51:11- Garrett talks about the charging cable that comes with the Poseidon. It is a 20 feet long steel enforced paracord that is pretty much life proof, and if it isn't, they will replace it https://darkenergy.com/paracord-charging-cable

52:04- Matt & Brandon finish up the walkabout looking at some amazing mounts and award winning animals.

53:32- Intro Tim Wells of Relentless Pursuit - https://www.youtube.com/user/worldhuntinggroup

54:40- Tim talks about the outdoors and what the wilderness means to him and what he does to give back to the wilderness he loves.

57:49- What has been the pinnacle of Tim's hunting life.

58:45- How Tim got the nickname the "Slock Master" and the signature blowguns that Cold Steel developed - https://timwellsbowhunter.com/product/tim-wells-slock-master-blowgun

01:00:21- Tim's near brush with death in Africa.

01:01:04- Tim's upcoming brown bear, crocodile & hippo hunts he will be doing with only a spear.

01:02-:02- What's coming up for Tim in his personal life including his children.

01:03-19- Wrapping up and Tim's favorite place to be in the outdoors.