We have another fun podcast for you from ATA with Todd Vaaler from Gateway Feathers & Austin Manelick with Mission Alaska. We talk about how Todd got involved in his family-owned business and the passion he has for creating quality hand-crafted feathers for every archery enthusiast. Todd & Austin share some stories from their Alaska float trip and talk about the bond the two created over a campfire & karaoke. We also discuss the new feathers for 2018, debunk the myth that feathers won't work in rain and talk about Elk, Coues Deer & Moose hunting. 


1:33- Intro Austin Manelick with Mission Alaska & Todd Vaaler with Gateway Feathers.

2:58- How Brandon was introduced to Gateway Feathers through Austin.

5:56- Gateway Feathers products, how feathers have been used for centuries on arrows and the progression of arrows over the years to what Gateway Feathers is using today.

7:01- How you can customize Gateway Feathers with your name, logo or a photo & it does not effect the feather quality in any way. 

10:47- How Gateway Feathers was started in 1956 by Todd's grandfather and how Todd got involved to be where he is today with the company.

12:48- The quality of a feather arrow vs. a plastic vein and what using hand crafted feathers can do for your hunting game.

14:51- Debunking the myth that arrows cannot get wet. Austin & Todd talk about their float trip to Alaska, being caught in the rain for days at a time but still being able to use their feather arrows. 

20:32- Todd's passion for what he does. How working with his hands and creating these beautiful feather arrows has made his life complete.

24:06- Todd's bullfrog hunting in Arizona.

29:31- The bond that Austin & Todd shared in Alaska and the experience of seeing moose. Austin shares what it was like wanting to harvest a bull with a bow but having to use a rifle instead.

36:54- How Todd got into hunting through his father and what is has been like passing it down to his own children.

42:36- Gateway Feathers' products for 2018 including their new Batwing and what the Batwing does.

44:58- Todd's passion for Coues Deer and Elk hunting and what it does for his soul.

50:14- Austin's experience hunting whitetail with an archery only tag.

53:34- What the wilderness means to Todd  & where his favorite place is in the outdoors.

58:49- Austin's moose call.

01:01-37- Wrapping up & Austin & Todd's rendition of Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band.