Ever wake up wanting to do more? Ever wonder how far you can push yourself? We are joined by power couple Alli & Jess Roskelley, who are very familiar with dreaming big & pushing limits. Son to notable climber, John Roskelley, Jess became the youngest American to reach the summit of Mt. Everest in 2003 and was recently named second most adventurous person in the world by Men’s Journal. His wife Alli Roskelley, is also no stranger to taking risks and enduring challenges as a backcountry skier, mountaineer, cyclist and recently completing the first SUP (stand up paddle board) descent of the Spokane River, covering 112 miles in 4 days. These two let fear & failure drive them and they are here to share all their crazy adventures and why they dare to dream big every day.


4:10- Alli takes us through her 112 mile SUP adventure.

11:20- Alli’s life as a Roskelley and the transition of getting into a family that is constantly pushing limits and trying new adventures.

15:25- Jess’s experience of becoming the youngest American to reach the summit of Everest.

21:51- Jess’s recent trip to Pakistan & how Jess prepares for his crazy adventures and what he thinks is the most important thing.

27:33- Jess being named #2 most adventurous man by Men’s Journal.

33:22- The most challenging thing they have done together as a couple.

38:47- Some of the best adventures they have gone on together including ice climbing in Canada.

42:00- Alli’s purpose in life and why it is so important for her to bring women up and how they both dream big.

48:34- What is a suffer bucket?

51:22- What is Alli and Jess’s why in life?