Lane Walter joined us in episode 95 for a filming 101 but, we didn’t get a chance to dive into Lane; the father, husband, firefighter, videographer, producer, avid hunter, competitive archer and everything else that makes him tick. Lane has spent his life in the outdoors and fell in love with the raw emotion that happens during a hunt and has made it his mission to capture just that in all of his films and tv shows he works on. Lane shares some wild hunting stories, his most memorable moments behind the camera and some awesome tips and tricks for both hunting & filming.


3:46- Hunting goats. Lane shares some of the best stories he has experienced while hunting goats.

8:42- Lane’s involvement in hunting films, hunting tv shows and his film Thriving Above 12k that won at the Badlands Film Festival last year.

19:12- Camera Gear. Lane talks about what gear he uses while filming hunts and the differences between cameras for certain hunting or filming needs.

24:34- Lane’s love for the camera and hunting and which he loves more.

28:34- Hunting with a 4 year-old. Lane shares a recent story of hunting elk with his 4 year-old son.

36:41- Recent Colorado goat hunt. Was he successful?

46:40- Why documenting hunting & life is so important.

59:54- A recent compromising situation Lane was in while deer hunting and looking back now, how he would have done it differently.

01:09:34- Advice to parents who want to get their kids into archery.

01:17:19- Top 3 must have items Lane will not go hunting without.

01:21:04- Lane’s advice for the 1 piece of gear that has stood the test of time.

01:21:58- Top 3 things people should not leave home without when filming a hunt.

01:25:39- What is coming up for Lane and some dream hunts he would love to do.