Sidney Smith & Weston Jenkins are two incredible men who inspire others for slightly different reasons. If you have not heard of Sid, he is a double amputee who relearned how to walk, swim, run & bike to become an avid hunter and triathlete. Sidney joined us in episode 73 to talk about his remarkable journey, and since then, caught the eye of Weston Jenkins, Founder of DisabledOutdoorsmenUSA. Weston started this organization after being inspired by his cousin TJ, who suffers from a similar disease as Sidney, and has made it his mission to make a difference one day at a time through the healing power of the outdoors. Sidney & Weston talk about how their paths crossed, Sidney’s Texas whitetail hunt Weston helped make happen, and the amazing impact these men have had on each others lives.



6:37- Where the idea for DisabledOutdoorsmenUSA came about & how Sidney got involved.

9:42- Sidney’s disease and why the outdoors & hunting have helped him so much in his journey.

14:15- Make a Difference One Day At a Time. Why this phrase is so important to DisabledOutdoorsmenUSA & some of the struggles Weston has had along the way with starting the organization.

17:07- Collegiate Allies. The other organization Weston started and what types of people he helped through that organization.

19:38- Whitetail hunting in Texas. Sidney’s experience hunting whitetail for the first time in Texas thanks to DisabledOutdoorsmenUSA.

23:57- How Weston’s cousin TJ, who has had muscular dystrophy since birth, inspires Weston everyday, the struggles he goes through, and how he is able to hunt in a wheelchair.

26:39- Sidney’s experience meeting TJ and how he was inspired.

29:40- Weston’s favorite memories from hunting with Sidney and the bass fishing they did.

34:19- The Ranch. Weston talks about the ranch where he brings people to hunt, the different animals that are there and how amazing the fishing is.

37:59- Why Weston chose Sidney to be the first hunter on the ranch for DisabledOutdoorsmenUSA.

42:42- The future of DisabledOutdoorsmenUSA, the clothes donations they are doing and how to support them.