About a year ago, we sat down with Matt & Brooke Wright for episodes 50 & 51 to hear all about their wild life and Matt’s multiple Naked & Afraid survival adventures. But, Brooke Wright is no stranger to adventure herself. So we wanted to sit down with just Brooke to talk, gators. Brooke’s first bow kill was an American Alligator off the coast of Florida and she walks us through the experience of facing a gator eye to eye. We also talk about making the cover of Adventuress Magazine, how her pack burro season went & how she is quickly becoming one of the biggest role models in the women’s hunting industry.



4:12- Catchup since last December. Talk about husband Matt competing in 2 Naked in Afraid challenges, her recent turkey hunt in Texas and this Summer’s burro racing experience.

7:13- Adventuress Magazine. The experience of her gator hunt being featured in the magazine and making the cover.

8:52- Pack Burro racing & Farnsworth (her donkey) update.

15:18- More about making the cover of Adventuress Magazine and how it came about.

20:00- Alligators. What the experience was like to have her first bow kill be an alligator.

24:33- The different characteristics of alligators & what to look for when you are hunting them.

35:30- The bow setup for an alligator. How Brooke sets up her equipment.

48:15- Steps in processing and cooking an alligator.

41:55- The process of stalking an alligator with a compound bow.

45:00- Being a role model to women & girls in the hunting industry & her involvement with Paramount Outdoors & Kryptek.

51:32- Extreme Instinct. Update with what’s new for their business from knives to survival classes.