We are back with part 2 of James Hardesty’s epic month-long hunting adventure and we pick up right where we left off in part 1. They finally have an elk down, and now they have to pack it out in crazy downfall on their horses. Strap in because this story only gets better. We still have bucking horses, wildfire scares, broken ribs, heated moments, losing horses and that lucky horseshoe that shines some light at the end of the crazy long tunnel.


1:35- Packing out Paul’s elk & the valuable lesson James learned after separating his horse from the others that ended with him being bucked off.

9:57- Making it back to camp and what he went through healing after being bucked off.

12:20- Wednesday. The next hurdle. His son finally makes it into camp but there is a forrest fire nearby,

19:56- Thursday. A deer & elk encounter that ended in an argument and he son leaves camp.

26:55- Sunday. After his son leaves, trying to figure out how to pack out extra horses and gear without enough people and then James getting bucked off again and breaking a rib.

35:00- The process of finding James’ horses after they take off and then the last hurdle James has to face with a truck issue.

43:07- Take aways after the trip and what he learned about himself.

47:24- Will the film that James set out to make happen? And what he learned about filming his hunts.