We caught up with Later Walter last week and now it’s James Hardesty’s turn since episode 95. James recently went on one of the most epic month-long hunting adventures, full of ups and downs, life and death situations, bucking horses, monster elk encounters, wild fire scares, broken ribs, heated moments and much more. And he is here to tell us all about it. This podcast is so good, we split it into 2 parts so strap in cause this one is full of twists and turns and a little bad luck that ended with finding what turned out to be a lucky horseshoe.


2:23- James gives a sneak peek to the climax of the story he is about to tell.

5:47- Why 30 days on a horse, while hunting, filming and scouting for others? James fills you in on why he chose this adventure.

9:08- The process of learning to ride horses & finding a way to rent them.

19:45- The beginning of the trip and their first experience on the horses.

24:17- Camp life with horses, the prep put into packing for horses and how he kept them watered, fed and corralled.

35:43- Packing in 9 horses with 1,400 lbs. of gear and some cool tips on how they ate well & had plenty of clean water.

41:15- Water filtration. James fills us in on his clever way of filtrating 5 gallons on water at a time.

44:34- Overcoming having no power while trying to charge batteries for his cameras. James talks about the gear needed to keep your batteries charged for a month.

46:34- There first experiences with animal encounters.

54:51- What extra gear he realized was a must for a trip like this and what he would not leave home without.

58:42- Finally calling in an elk for his hunting partner Paul.

01:06:30- End of part 1 and setup for part 2.