We are excited to welcome back, Filmmaker, TV host & Producer, Trevon Stoltzfus, to talk about two of his latest films. Silence Of The Arctic - An Ambient Adventure, documents Trevon’s journey navigating through the bitter cold of the polar ice caps in Greenland, bowhunting musk ox. Trevon’s second film, Adopted, is near and dear to his heart and explains why his father’s selflessness has shaped his family’s life. Adopted is premiering this weekend at ATA in Louisville, Kentucky.


3:30- Trevon’s morning routine from meals to supplements and catch up since episode 93.

11:00- Trevon’s upcoming films (Silence Of The Arctic - An Ambient Adventure & Adopted) and why they are so important to Trevon.

18:13- Why Trevon chose the film Adopted for the Badlands Film Festival and why Trevon & Brandon feel some films effect people differently.

27:44- How the idea for Adopted came about and the process of filming it.

32:20- Adoption. Trevon’s story of adoption & what he remembers most from his childhood with and without a father.

01:02:00- Where to find out more about the films and #Inspiredwild podcast