Super excited to sit down with the Working Class Bowhunter crew, Curt Geier, Stephen Moller & Eric Hamann to go down all sorts of rabbit trails. We talk about everything from hunting strategy differences between Eastern & Western hunting, why saddle hunting is the new craze, what the most ideal mid western buck is, cover some elk hunting tips for beginners, discuss ring avulsion, what life is like as podcasters, and much more. If you are itching to be in hunting camp in the off-season, then tune in cause the only thing we are missing, is the campfire.



-Experience at ATA 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky

-Life as podcasters

-Biggest differences between Eastern & Western hunting in their opinions

-Saddle bowhunting, what’s with the new craze?

-Best experiences hunting in Colorado

-What the ideal midwestern buck would be

-Why practicing for long distance shots can be a game-changer

-Advice and tips for new elk bowhunters, should you let them bed down or push them?

-Urban hunting- rules in Iowa for hunting in the burbs

-How Brandon got into podcasting

-What each of them do for day jobs

-Ring avulsion

-Hunting with a crossbow