We are joined by Founder of Adventuress Magazine Jennifer Pudenz. Jennifer shares her journey of bowhunting since the age of 4, to chasing her passion of becoming a Magazine Editor, to founding and now running Adventuress Magazine. Hunting, fishing, cooking, gathering, exploring and more, Jennifer shares what she looks for when finding incredible women for her articles and why inspiring other women, hunters or non-hunters, to follow their passion for the outdoors drives her.



-Jennifer’s background. How she got to where she is now and living just two houses down from where she grew up.

-Biggest obstacles Jennifer had to overcome in her journey to become a magazine editor.

-Jennifer’s passion for wanting to attract hunters and non-hunters to Adventuress Magazine covering a wide range of topics from hunting & fishing to gathering and general outdoor activities.

-The upcoming youth issue Jennifer is excited about.

-Why finding genuine strong women to be role models is so important to her.

-Chaga, Chaga, Chaga. The unique article featuring how to harvest chaga mushrooms.

-The upcoming issue of Adventuress Magazine on Ice fishing/pike spearing.

-How she selects the women she does for the magazine & how to nominate yourself or another inspiring woman.

-The story of her “1st bow kill”, her 1st experience bowhunting turkeys in a tree stand & some info on dutch oven cooking.