Coming to you from ATA in Louisville, Kentucky, Jason Amato with Takedown Eventures joins us. Jason talks about how his early experiences in the outdoors changed his life, how those experiences led him to share his passion for hunting & the outdoors, and why it is so important to him to educate, excite & empower to get America Outside.


-Jason’s background and how his path led him to Takedown Eventures.

-The moment in the outdoors that changed Jason’s life.

-Takedown Nation. What the Takedown model is based on and why Jason’s mission to Educate, Excite & Empower America is so important to him.

-The different eventures Takedown offers and the different events they are putting on.

-The reality of how many American’s actually experience everything the outdoors has to offer and why Jason is changing that.

-The different team building exercises they are doing to better companies and employees.

-Jason’s suggestions to others to educate and reach more non-hunters and why his mission is not to create hunters but to educate others about hunting and the outdoors.