Living in Colorado & loving dogs all my life, Dog Sled Racing is something that has always piqued my interest but, I haven’t known much about it. Originally from Florida, Aaron Natoniewski fell in love with Colorado and everything it has to offer. He decided to start a family there, where he now lives with his wife, 2 young daughters and 14 teammates- his beloved dogs. Aaron’s passion for sled racing began when he adopted 2 shelter dogs and quickly realized this was what he was meant to do. Aaron and his team of Red & White, have been competing in dog sled & skijoring competitions for over 2 decades & have been ranked #1 in Colorado over that span of time. Aaron is here to tell us all about the sport he is devoted to, the amazing bond and connection he has with his dogs, and the love he has for the timeless rhythm, of being part of the pack.

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-The recent commercial Aaron was featured in for Rocky Mountain Health Plans Produced by the Roos Brothers.

-How Aaron got started in dog sledding over 20 years ago and why he calls his team Red & White.

-Skijoring- What it is and the different types of skijoring there are out there.

-The things you have to be aware of like weather and environment when dog sledding.

-The different types of trails there are & how he trails for them.

-The difference between dog sledding & skijoring.

-Biggest obstacles you have to overcome in dog sledding.

-How the lineup is chosen for a race.

-The difference between the various types of dogs & why certain breeds work for certain climates better than others.

-The deep connection he has with his dogs and why each of the 30-40 dogs he has had hold a special place in his heart.

-Some of the craziest adventures he has had and what goes into building the perfect team.

-Aaron’s 2 year plan to compete internationally.