Melissa Bachman fell in love with hunting at the age of five when her parents put a bow in her hand, and she never looked back. Melissa is now a well-known hunter, producer & host of Winchester Deadly Passion. We discuss the early days as a hunter & a pole vaulter, some of the backlash she has received through hunting and how she was able to overcome it, and the many things she is doing today to represent women in the hunting industry. She also shares some amazing stories including calling in black bear to 18 yards and what life has been like as a new mom.



-Growing up with a passion to pursue hunting.

-Melissa’s involvement with pole vaulting growing up.

-Winchester Deadly Passion- how it came about and her background in video production.

-Melissa’s lion hunt backlash, how far it went with threats and the police getting involved and how she was able to overcome it all.

-Staying diversified in today’s media world.

-Some struggles Melissa has faced in the industry.

-The changes Melissa has seen over the years in the industry and if she thinks it is for the better.

-Melissa’s thoughts on crossbow hunting.

-Her favorite episodes and favorite story of calling in a black bear to 18 yards.

-How she finds focus when calling in bears to make the shot.

-Taxidermy and the passion she has for it.