Joining us from ATA in Louisville, Kentucky is Allie D’Andrea, better known as Outdoors Allie. Allie is an inspiring young hunter, angler & conservationist chasing her dreams as an entrepreneur by exploring wild, remote, untouched spaces through hunting & fishing. We talk about how she found her love for the outdoors later in life, what life is like living out of a travel trailer and her most recent entrepreneurial endeavor, creating outdoor lifestyle & apparel brand, Worn & Weathered.



-Outdoors Allie- What her brand is all about and how she got into the outdoors later in life.

-Pursuing a career in medicine and then realizing she was meant to pursue something outdoors instead.

-How she got into hunting- the answer is a little different than most.

-Her involvement with First Light and what she learned form her time there.

-East Coast whitetail hunting- the experience that she loves.

-Allie’s recommendations on what to wear in certain hunting conditions.

-Why practicing shooting in your hunting gear is a game changer.

-What Allie learned from living out of a travel trailer and traveling the lower 48 for 5 months.

-Worn & Weathered- Allie’s new company. How it came about and what they are doing.