Tim Burnett of SOLO HNTR has been sharing his adventures in the wild, hunting alone for over a decade. He joins us for the first time to talk about Tim- the father and husband. Tim shares why he is at a crossroads in his life and why he is making it a priority to spend more time with friends and family. We talk about why it is so important to feel moments instead of just experiencing them, some tools Tim uses to balance the extremes in his life, and the hunt he has coming up with his son that will be one of those moments he will never forget. You have heard tons of podcasts with Tim but, you haven’t heard him like this. Tune-in to hear about Tim Burnett, the man beyond SOLO HNTR.



-Tim’s recent crossroads he has had to face of branching out from just a solo hunter

-Stacking priorities- why being a family man is so important to him

-What feeling moments more than just experiencing them means to Tim

-The tools Tim uses to balance the extremes in his life

-What the numbers 9682 mean to him

-His recent doll sheep experience

-The art of filming hunts and what it entails

-Advice on how to overcome adversity after being in the public eye

-What’s coming up for 2019- what branching out from just solo hunter means

-Why timing in life means everything