Robby Denning of Rokslide joins us to talk about his life in the wilderness, chasing his dreams and big bucks. Born in South East Idaho, Robby Denning fell in love with hunting & the outdoors as a young boy and that only grew as he found his passion for writing, guiding & mule deer. We talk about the path that led to him to where he is today, why hunting mule deer has become his life, and some fun stories along the way.



-Robby’s life growing up in SE Idaho, hitting a few bumps along the way & then finding the right path

-How he got involved with Rokslide

-Why hunting mule deer became his passion

-Hunting in the 70’s and the differences between today

-Robb’s involvement with fitness and personal training

-How he is helping determine the age of your buck

-Why satisfaction, hope & faith have been his balance in life