Derek Dirnberger joins us from ATA to discuss his life in the wilderness & how he is sharing his experiences through his hunting TV show on the Pursuit channel, “The Break.” We talk about all the elements that go into making a TV show, he gives some advice to others wanting to pursue a career in this industry, and he shares some epic stories including a mountain lion hunt. If you need a break in your everyday life, listen in, as Derek explains why he hunts the break.



-The Break- How it came about and why Derek wanted to share his journey with others.

-The important business lessons Derek learned including the value of relationships in business.

-The Break team- who else is involved in the making of The Break.

-How Derek separated himself from the rest and taught himself how to film and edit.

-Some of the struggles Derek experienced along the way.

-Hunting mountain lions in Colorado.

-Derek’s advice to others trying to get into the industry.