This week, we are joined by Wildlife Biologist, Taxidermist & Director of Conservation at QDMA (Quality Deer Management Association), Kip Adams. Kip has been with QDMA for over 16 years and is a wealth of knowledge about everything deer. We discuss shed hunting and what you can learn about a deer from their sheds, why food plots are so important, the many amazing programs QDMA has for adults and children, and why Kip believes forming a unified body for all hunters would be beneficial. If you enjoy wildlife and our wild places, this one is full of fun facts and great information for all nature lovers.



-How Kip fell in love with the outdoors and why his childhood dream was to be a wildlife biologist.

-Shed Hunting- what a shed can tell you about the animal.

-Why deer shed their antlers and why deer get velvet.

-Food plots- why they are so important for animals.

-Food plots East vs West- the differences between the two.

-Scent Covers- How much is too much?

-Camouflage- Is it really necessary to wear when hunting?

-The studies that are being done to see what colors deer can see and how far.

-QDMA’s adult Field to Fork program & the kids Rack Pack program.

-The 5 stages for non-hunters to be conservationists.