For all you entrepreneurs, inventors & just plain gear heads, we have the perfect podcast for you. Cheston Davis joins us from Western Hunting & Conservation Expo to talk about how he saw a need for digiscoping in the hunting industry, and made that dream a reality through his company, Phone Skope. Since then, Phone Skope has been helping the microbiology & medical industries as well as being involved with hydrographic dipping & coding. Don’t know what any of this means? Well tune-in, because this one is full of great information that could help you with hunting, birdwatching, astronomy, microbiology or just give you the push you need to pursue entrepreneurship & turn your dreams into gold.



-How Phone Skope was born and why Cheston wanted to create a digiskope for phones

-How Phone Skope is helping microbiology

-The challenges of keeping up with ever changing technology

-The Lollipop- Phone Skope’s universal phone case

-How how to use Phone Skope with dual lenses like the iPhone

-Why knowing your equipment is so important

-How much of a difference digiscoping has made on the industry

-How Sportsman’s Warehouse changed Phone Skope’s future

-Cheston’s advice to entrepreneurs

-Phone Skope’s sister company, Utah Hydrographics, and all the awesome things they are doing with Teflon coding and camouflage dipping

-Some of the cool new products Phone Skope has helped create like the Ice-olate Cooler Tray & Pyro Putty