Drew Kress joined the army right out of high school and soon found himself jumping out of planes & rucking his way through the next few years. Since leaving the army, Drew has a new outlook on life, and is taking the physical & mental toughness he learned, and applying it to hunting. We talk about his days in the army, the brotherhood he gained, and the moment that he thought it was all over after breaking his back. We also talk about the Kodiak brown bear hunt he has coming up, some of the charities he works with, and wanting to do a parachute-in hunt in Alaska. Tune-in because Drew is an inspiring young man making things happen in the outdoors and he will inspire you to do the same.



-Field Craft Survival & how Mike glover has been a role model to Drew

-The mission of Wild Land Hunter

-Brown bear hunting in Alaska

-Struggles of getting out of the military & adjusting to civilian life.

-The “drop-in” hunt Drew wants to plan in Alaska

-Parachute hunting

-A day in the life of an Army rucker

-Applying physical & mental toughness from the army to hunting

-Recovering from a broken back & going on to stay in the army and become stronger than ever

-Advice to others who have left the military