Urban hunting is a term that we have heard of but, don’t know much about. So, we decided to track down someone who is a self-taught urban bowman to explain all the inner-workings of hunting in the burbs. Taylor Chamberlin joins us to discuss the benefits that hunting within city limits has on the habitat & other wildlife, the keys to urban hunting including access, travel patterns and property limitations, and the amazing program “Hunters For The Hungry” that feeds the less fortunate in Virginia.

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5:05- Urban Hunting. How Taylor got into hunting and the process of hunting within city limits.

11:19- How urban hunting came about, the benefits it has on the land and the community and why they have a year round hunting season.

22:36- The keys to urban hunting:

-Private access permission

-Creating relationships with home owners

-Figuring out travel patterns and routes

-Being respectful of the neighborhood, families and children

-Understanding property limitations

35:50- The story of the deer & the swimming pool

40:00- The best systems & tactics for urban hunting and why a tree saddle might be better than a tree stand.

46:28- The last important key to urban hunting- Being prepared to remove the animal quickly and being professional and respectful.

52:45- Hunters For the Hungry- The amazing program in Virginia that Taylor works with to donate the meat to feed the less fortunate.