We are excited to welcome back outdoor writer, photographer and new podcast host, Tony J. Peterson. We catch up on his latest public land pursuits and talk about how he was able to overcome target panic. Tony also talks about how following his passion for dogs and bird hunting led him to launch Sporting Dog Talk Podcast, and he gives us some tips and tricks he has learned to find & train the perfect dog.

Check out his new podcast launching today! - sportingdogtalk.com



3:50- Catching up since the last podcast & what ATA has been like so far.

14:44- Urban hunting. The difference between hunting public and private compared to urban and which Tony prefers.

18:52- Tony’s public land pursuit this last year, how it went and why hunting public land is so important.

27:24- Dogs. Tony talks about his passion for dogs, training dogs and the bond that is created hunting with them.

31:30- Sporting Dog Talk podcast. Tony talks about why he wanted to launch his new podcast, what is being covered on the podcast and why people should tune in.

38:55- Dog training. Some things Tony has learned about picking a great dog & training them to be the perfect dog.

43:48- Comparing raising kids and dogs- Why providing structure works well for both as well as exposing them to all types of environments and situations.

49:05- How HHA Sights helped Tony overcome target panic and why he prefers single pins to improve your bowhunting game.