“To experience fantastic things, we must put ourselves in fantastic places”

Donnie Vincent is known as an explorer, biologist, conservationist, sportsman and, real-life mountain man but, he is also an incredible filmmaker and storyteller. Donnie and his team at Sicmanta Multimedia have spent years in the wilderness documenting Donnie’s unbelievable adventures, amazing animal encounters and experiences with both the beauty & the best of mother nature. His most recent film, “The Other Side” is a culmination of 5 years in the wilderness, bowhunting multiple species of bear around the world, and he is here to share what it was like making this film. We also discuss the progression he has gone through as a hunter & filmmaker, the difference between being scared & fearful, and why he wants his legacy to be known for showing others how to hunt well & good and make a positive difference.


4:19- Pope & Young. How Donnie got involved with P&Y and why people need to know more about what the organization is all about besides the record keeping.

13:33- Progression as a hunter. How Donnie has evolved as a hunter over the years and the bear hunt that he went on where he experienced something for the first time as a hunter.

21:13- The hunter he is today.

25:18- Writing & producing films that are a clear representation of himself & the process of making his current film- The Other Side.

32:17- Keeping his films as real as they are in real life.

38:42- Moving away from labels in the hunting and non-hunting world.

51:21- Hardest things about getting a non-hunter or an anti-hunter into the theater to watch his films.

01:01:35- Getting into the lifestyle he is living of hunting and filming.

01:08:25- The difference between scared & fearful.

01:11:22- Some of the grizzly situations Donnie has gotten himself into & what he considers a time that he was fighting for his life.

01:17:46- Donnie’s why in life.