In honor of National Mule day this past weekend we thought we would celebrate these amazing animals and we have the perfect person to talk all about mules. Rob Johnston has been an outfitter for over 28 years and has developed a passion for mules over the years. Rob talks about why he believes mules are superior to other animals, the special bond he has created with his mules and some of the incredible adventures he has gone on with his mules by his side. We also talk a little bit of mule history and Rob gives some advice to those thinking about getting a mule.


3:11- Why Mules? Rob talks about his background as an outfitter starting with horses and then eventually finding his passion for mules.

7:15- Moving to Colorado. Rob talks about following his desire to be a cowboy and how that brought him to his home in Durango, Colorado.

22:50- Leaving his career in oil & gas to pursue outfitting.

31:10- Why he began working with and owning strictly mules.

34:00- Picking the perfect mule. What Rob looks out for when finding a mule and a few key things to keep in mind.

39:10- Some history behind mules & how that has evolved today.

42:30- Why Rob believes mules are better pack animals that donkeys, llamas or sheep.

47:21- The genetic differences between mules & horses and the cloning that is being done today on mules.

49:30- Rob’s suggestions for people looking for a mule. What to look out for, where to start and how to train them.

57: 05- Rob’s why in life.

59:00- Rob’s final sales pitch to Brandon for why he needs a mule in the backcountry.