This week we have the pleasure of welcoming Endurance Athlete & Ultra Runner Joe Grant. Joe has been running ultras for over a decade and has a diverse and extensive resume competing in trail and mountain running events all over the world. We talk about his experience completing “The Tour De 14ers” where he biked to & summited Colorado’s 57 highest peaks in just over a month & the follow-up to that, where he holds the unsupported record for completing Nolan’s 14 in just over 2 days. Joe’s philosophy on life and the knowledge he has gained from his experiences is incredible & he shares it all including some advice to those interested in endurance running & why he thinks it’s essential for the human race to use their feet, to examine life and find their wild.

Photo Courtesy @PatitucciPhoto

Photo Courtesy @PatitucciPhoto

4:30- Joe’s experience growing up in Oxford, England & how that brought him to Colorado where he believes he found his true home.

10:15- Why running was so intriguing and freeing and why he wanted to explore it more.

15:00- A quote Joe wrote that really touched Brandon & what the quote means to Joe.

“A perspective, a photograph, a few words, a conversation, a moment shared, the temporary experience of moving, free, unbound, wild. To espy the emotion of the foot traveler, the mountain, the texture, the color, the simple complexity, the solitude and the camaraderie, the silence and the noise. To attune, to inhabit, to become.”

19:55- Joe’s story of deciding to miss his connecting flight home, buy a bike and ride there instead. He also talks about shortly after, finding his first 100-mile race and how that spearheaded his career as an ultra runner.

27:00- The role models in his life that influenced him to lead an examined life.

29:30- A walk-through of the mental & physical preparation that needs to be done when completing a 100-mile race.

37:25- Joe first Initial Ascent in the wilderness and how that experience shaped his life.

39:50- The Tour De 14ers. Joe walks us through why he wanted to complete biking to & running up Colorado's 57 highest peaks and why it was so much more than just conquering some mountains.

58:30- Nolan’s 14. Joe explains where it came about, why he wanted to complete it and the crazy adventure he experienced while completing it in the fastest known time in just over 2 days.

1:11:45- Why Joe thinks the human race should use their feet to find their wild.

1:16:00- Joe’s why. Joe explains what his why in life is and why will continue exploring to get to that place every day.