Dustin Crandall grew up in the outdoors and found a passion for hunting at a very young age. In 2016, Dustin had a life-changing experience that left him wondering if he would ever walk again. Confined to a wheelchair, Dustin began asking himself a critical question, “What am I going to do with my life?” He decided right then to follow his passion and create Rocky Mountain Precision Rifles. Dustin talks about how that experience may have been the best thing that happened to him and what his company is doing to provide custom long range rifles to others who have a passion for the outdoors. We also talk about some epic hunts Dustin has had, some of his top suggestions for people looking for a new rifle and some of the intricate details he takes into consideration when building a custom masterpiece.


1:10- Dustin shares some of his personal life and some of the amazing adventures he has been able to experience as a hunter.

7:40- Dustin's favorite hunts including a New Mexico big game archery hunt and a New Zealand tar hunt via helicopter.

21:00- Dustin's background, his life-changing story of breaking his leg and how much that affected his life after being told he may not walk again.

25:20- How RMP Riles came about, how blessed he is to be following his passion and what they are doing as a company to create the best rifles they can.

32:10- The many differences there are between rifles and the reasons why the same rifles are not the exact same.

36:20- Some of the top questions Dustin gets from customers including what rifle is best to buy and Dustin shares some things that a rifle owner should consider before buying a new rifle including barrel length and why carbon is a great option.

51:48- RMP Rifles. Why its so important to Dustin to keep the company small and some of the amazing relationships he has created in the industry.