Ducks Unlimited was founded in 1937 as a habitat Conservation organization, to preserve upland habitats for waterfowl. Now, 81 years later, the organization is continuing their efforts to reach more wildlife, wetlands and wilderness than ever. We are joined by Idaho Ducks Unlimited Regional Senior Director Mond Warren & Director of Fundraising & Volunteer Relations, Tim Fehringer to talk about why their mission continues to be so important. Tim & Mond also talk about why education is key to what they are doing, how their vision came about to create The Great Northwest Outdoor Expo, and what it has been like to see how much the expo has benefited the outdoor community of Idaho.


-How important wetlands are to our ecosystem and environment.

-Major turning points that DU has gone through since 1937 and the history behind the DU mission.

-Private land. How DU works with private land owners and farmers to improve wetlands.

-Education. What education they do to teach people not only about clean water, and the habitat but also about the organization itself and how their donated dollars are spread out.

-Ducks Unlimited magazine. How important the magazine, digital & print are to Ducks Unlimited.

-The Great Northwest Outdoor Expo. How the idea came about & why it is so important to DU to be present in the West with an expo like this.

-Supporting DU. The different levels of membership they offer and how to become a volunteer.


The Great Northwest Outdoor Expo

Why The Mission Matters

Volunteer: Make a Difference

Ducks Unlimited Research

Land Protection