Today is Election Day so, we wanted to drive home just how important your vote is in this election. Mahting Putelis joins us to talk about why we as a country need to move away from the labels, to sharing values, in order to continue enjoying our wild spaces, wild animals, clean air and clean water. Mahting also shares a little of his back story of growing up in Indiana, finding his home in the outdoors through biking, running, hunting, climbing, skiing, adventure education & photography, and what he is doing with his company Hunt To Eat to give back to conservation. If you have not voted, are on the fence about voting or just want some more information, tune in cause this is about preserving what we all love, the outdoors.


3:46- Mahting’s life growing up in Indiana in a traditional Latvian Pagan family and how his spirit of wonder came about.

6:35- Mahting’s hunting background. How he got into hunting and how that translates into everything he is doing today.

10:13- Mahting’s experience in Latvian Boy Scouts, falling in love with Colorado on a high school trip and how that led him to teaching adventure education.

19:13- The programs Mathing works with today including LEGENDEER, a program for adult artists.

23:35- Hunt To Eat. How this business came about after moving away from the corporate world and getting into photography and the outdoors.

40:45- The Colorado Outdoor Leadership Summit. Mahting talks about being the keynote speaker and why he is trying to spread the word of moving away from labels to sharing values. We talk about how that related to the 2018 vote and how much that means to America right now.

55:50- Colorado Election. We discuss some of the propositions and break down what exactly they mean.

01:15:10- Hunt To Eat shirts and conservation. We talk about how Mahting and Hunt To Eat are giving back to conservation every chance they can.