The reintroduction of gray wolves in many states has become a hot-button topic. Since being listed under the Endangered Species Act in 1974, and then their reintroduction to Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho in 1995, the battle over the presence of the gray wolf in the West has been an ongoing debate. Justin Webb, Hunting Guide for Clark Fork Outfitters and Mission Advancement Director of the Foundation for Wildlife Management, sits down with us to share his life in the wilderness and his incredible experiences with wolves in Idaho. And although he has the utmost respect for these wolves, he explains why he believes managing these predators is so crucial to the ecosystem and the amazing wildlife living in it.


6:00- Justin’s background of growing up in the wilderness. He tells a few stories of his childhood of living in a tent for a year and the incredible experiences he had in the wild.

16:04- How he got involved with predator management and why he is spreading the word of wolf management for the future of the wilderness and our wildlife.

19:14- The reintroduction of wolves in the West. Justin shares some interesting facts and misconceptions out there about wolves like habitat, mating, behavior, and travel patterns that has created an overabundance of wolves.

28:28- Negative impacts of wolf growth that hunters and non-hunters need to know.

42:27- Justin’s advice to states who are considering reintroducing wolves to the wild and some history behind why the wolf population was wiped out to begin with and why managing the species is so important today.

51:00- Effects wolves have on other predators.

01:01:44- The F4WM Program. Justin shares what the Foundation For Wildlife Management program and membership consists of and how it all involves getting involved with conservation.