Today is the launch of the 3rd volume of Wilderness Athlete’s The Wild Kitchen, The Wild Game Edition. So we asked Wilderness Athlete Director of Operations Kimberly Rush & Chef Connor Gabbott to join us to talk all about wild game. I was honored when asked to provide some recipes for this book & be amongst some of the best chefs, hunters & wild game lovers like Remi Warren, Kristy Titus, Chris Denham and many more. We share some of our favorite recipes from the book, talk about how to properly prepare and store your meat and provide a few tips to those who have never tried wild game. If you love cooking wild game or have always wanted to give it a shot, then this podcast is the one for you.


4:00- The Wild Kitchen Volume 3. Kimberly talks about how the Wild Game Edition came about and Brandon & Connor talk about how they got involved in the cookbook.

8:22- Brandon & Connor’s favorite recipes from the cookbook including Brandon’s bear recipe.

13:40- Brandon & Connor’s recommendations to non-hunters or first time wild game eaters.

17:40- Other contributors in the cookbook and some of the dishes including Remi Warren, Kristy Titus, Chris Denham, Nikki Boxler, Dean Capuano, Adam Perry & Ben Wehling including rock-cooked steak, Traeger Grill recipes, Rhode Island deer recipes and more.

24:21- Connor’s backstory as a chef and how he will always have a love for cooking.

30:23- The group gives some advice to those getting into cooking wild game and some tips they have learned over the years including processing & wrapping meat.

47:00- Where to find the book and final thoughts.