Since a young age, Steve Fassbinder found freedom through exploring and cycling. He has since made it his life, traveling the globe bike packing, pack rafting & mountaineering for over 25 years. Steve shares some of his incredible adventures including a cycling trip to Mexico (without a bike), some of the craziest experiences he has had rafting, and his most recent month-long solo journey bike packing through Tajikistan. The breathtaking places Steve has seen, the fascinating people he has met, and the wild adventures he has been on, has given him a unique view on life, and he is here to share it all.


3:58- If you have to ask you’ll never know. What it means and how it came about.

9:57- Republic of Doom. Steve talks about where the name Doom came from & how that transformed into Republic of Doom.

13:40- Steve’s background in cycling and how that has developed into what he is doing today as bike packer.

18:23- Steve’s bucket list for what he still wants to do on his bike and what it means to be a bike packer.

23:07- Preparation & training for bike packing and how much is put into the bike itself.

29:37- One of Steve’s most memorable trips. Steve takes us on his cycling journey to Mexico that started without bringing a bike and the crazy adventure he had along the way.

35:25- Steve talks about his recent month long solo bike backing journey in Tajikistan, how amazing the people were and why it is a trip he will never forget.

44:13- Steve’s view on the world after traveling the globe on his bike.

49:16- Rafting on an Alpacka Raft. Steve shares the craziest adventure he has had on the river with his Alpacka raft.

57:11- Steve talks about his recent switch from bike packing part-time to now full-time and his hopes for the future.

01:11:31- Some of the organizations Steve is involved in to give back to the community.

01:16:55- Steve talks about some of the struggles he has had to overcome in his life and what his why is.