The team took a few months off during hunting season, but they are back! Jason DeWeese, Matt Howell & Greg Mumm join Brandon to catch up or their hunting seasons. Matt shares his story of missing an epic buck, Jason talks about how different it was for him to hunt in Texas & Greg talks about getting a nice buck in freezing Utah temperatures. They discuss their #1 hunt highlights from 2017, share a few instances that they wished they had brought a bow/rifle along and discuss their favorite podcasts from last year. They also cover New Year's resolutions for themselves, their families & for the 2018 hunting season and what each of them are doing during the winter to maintain their hunting & physical sharpness.



:36- Intro Jason, Matt & Greg and Brandon gives an overview of what will be discussed on the podcast.

2:15- The team talks about the Colorado weather lately & how it has or will effect their hunting.

5:37- Matt shares how his hunting season went including missing a good 4th season buck.

7:10- Jason recaps his hunting season and talks about how different hunting in Texas is compared to his other hunts and talks about using a thermal imaging scope at night.

13:19- Greg talks about his hunting season including his general season Utah tag and getting a nice buck in cold temperatures.

16:57- Brandon shares how his season went including hunting 4th season rifle with his daughter Shayla. He talks about her missing a good buck, overcoming buck fever and then finally getting a nice 187 buck.

25:45- Why the team will never wander around hunting camp without a bow or a rifle.

28:18- Matt shares his 2017 highlights & favorite hunting experience.

30:27- Jason's talks about his favorite memories from this hunting season.

33:17- Greg talks about his time spent in the high country this hunting season.

34:45- Brandon shares his highlights including hunting with Matt and how cool it was to watch his daughter honor & admire the buck she was able to harvest.

41:22- The team shares each of their favorite podcasts of this year including Jack Frost, Harv Ebers, Willi Schmidt and Matt & Brooke Wright.

52:37- The team each shares their New Year's resolutions for themselves, their families & for the 2018 hunting season.

01:07:27- What each is going to do during the winter to prepare for next year's hunting season including anything they want to check of their bucket lists.

01:10:07- How each of them are going to maintain their hunting & physical sharpness.

01:12:36- Wrapping up and the team asks for help coming up with a new nickname for Brandon.