From Sheep Show in Reno, Nevada, we are joined by Kenton & Ryan Clairmont with Train to Hunt. This podcast has been a year in the making and it is the perfect time for it's release, to give people the information they need, to conquer their 2018 goals. Train to Hunt has made a huge impact on Brandon's life and he shares with the brothers how much they have influenced not only him, but his family as well. They talk about fitness as a whole and what elements are needed to gain the confidence you need to effect every area of your life. Kenton talks about why he came up with Train to Hunt and how he has watched it develop into what it is today. The brothers also explain how part of their mission statement is to bring families back together and how cool it is to see this happen before their eyes. They also talk about the future of TTH and how they see it growing to impact more lives.


01:54- Intro Clairmont brothers & Train to Hunt.

4:28- Brandon explains his past involvement with Train to Hunt & how it has helped him in all areas of his life. He also talks about his 1st time competing in Train to Hunt, what it was like to make the podium & what he learned about himself.

14:38- What Kenton believes are the different elements needed to dedicate yourself to fitness and how discipline leads to confidence that can effect every part of your life.

16:16- Ryan's thoughts on people testing their fitness more often and what they need to do to make themselves successful in their goal when they are stuck in a rut.

17:08- Brandon's next step in conquering his fear & putting himself to the test after his hip surgery.

20:33- The growth of Train to Hunt, what they are doing to attract more people and how important it is to Kenton for people to gain what what he created TTH for. Ryan also talk about his involvement and why he started helping his brother in this journey.

23:48- Kenton talks about adding a kids only TTH in August of this year in Oregon and what it has been like to have the kids involved in the outdoors.

27:16- How thankful Brandon is to TTH & the brothers for where he is today and he explains how the TTH program really works to change lives.

29:01- How important kids & family are to TTH. Kenton talks about the TTH mission statement that includes bringing families back together through hard work and exercise. 

31:14- Where Ryan was when he came up with TTH and how gratifying it is to see today, that it has become everything he wanted it to be.

39:28- How Kenton & Ryan are always open to feedback from people, what changes have been made over the years & Kenton's rule of three, when it comes to suggestions.

44:55- The meat pack changes & why they have been implemented.

48:41- What TTH means to the brothers these days and how they want to touch more lives.

50:46- What Kenton has gone through to make TTH the success it is today and why he believes it wouldn't be what it is, without the support of his family & friends.

57:29- Ryan's thoughts on the future of TTH and how they want to grow the training portion to extend to outfitters & guides, so every hunter can thrive & be successful. 

01:07-323- All the different things TTH is doing outside of their competitions, including the 14 week programs & their new podcast.

01:11:51- What hunting does for each of them & how they explain their passion for it to non-hunters.

01:17:07- Wrapping up