Straight from ATA in Indianapolis we welcome Vortex Optics Consumer Sales Rep & avid outdoorsman, Riley Arnold. Riley caught the hunting bug at the age of 8 & got his first 8-point buck at 14. Since then, he has been involved in competitive archery & found a home with the Vortex family, where he continues his passion for the outdoors. He talks about growing up in WI, staying close to his roots through college and now working for Vortex close to his hometown. We discuss the new 2018 Vortex products, what sets Vortex apart from the rest and which optics Riley recommends for all types of outdoor experiences. Riley also talks about the new integration with HHA for crossbows, how Vortex began and which products they offer to step up your game in the hunting world.



1:52- Intro Riley, his experience growing up in WI & now living 20 minutes south of his hometown.

5:30- His childhood spent in the outdoors shooting guns & camping with his dad and harvesting a good 8-point buck at the age of 14.

9:26- Going to college at the University of WI La Crosse right on the Mississippi river and meeting his wife at an archery competition.

11:18- Riley's involvement in competitive archery & if he prefers the hunting side of archery or the target side.

16:14- A rundown of the new Vortex 2018 products including two new range finders- The Ranger 1800 & the Ranger 1300 and how each works.

25:04- What sets Vortex apart from the rest including the simplicity of their range finders, the different types of glass they use & the VIP warranty that replaces your optic no matter what.

29:10- Some other 2018 products that Vortex is excited about including the Kaibab binoculars.

31:47- Riley's preferred optics for hunting.

34:16- What Riley recommends for Brandon to step up his game with a new spotting scope.

36:41- The new HHA sight for cross bows & the integration with the Vortex Crossfire 3-9x40.

39:40- Where the Vortex optics are made and what goes into creating the best products they can at the best price point.

43:49- What the fastest growing line is for Vortex optics.

47:26- How Vortex started as a company in the birding industry and where they are today.

51:16- How the different eyepieces work with the variety of Vortex products.

53:22- Wrapping up & what Riley has seen at ATA that he has been excited about.