This week we have an awesome podcast for you, Jessica Taylor Byers & Braxton Byers from Follow Her Arrow join us from ATA in Indianapolis. Braxton & Jessica are as passionate, humble & transparent as they come. They talk about starting Follow Her Arrow to empower women & young girls to get outdoors and become a hunter, and why it is so important to teach children these days about the wilderness. Jessica shares her passion for writing and how it has helped her grow as a person and be vulnerable, and Braxton talks about his fascination for hunting since he could walk including what keeps him hooked today. They also talk about their short film which was released at the Badlands Film Fest during ATA and what the future holds for Follow Her Arrow.


1:52- Intro Jessica & Braxton/Follower Her Arrow. How Follow Her Arrow started and why they think it is so important to get women & children in the outdoors.

6:50- How important it is to be a role model to women & girls in the hunting world and instilling hard work in children.

14:02- Jessica's passion for writing about her hunting experiences and being in the outdoors.

18:32- What drew Brandon to Jessica besides her beauty & the similarities between them. They also talk about the challenges they have overcome in marriage and as hunting partners.

24:03- Braxton's love for turkey hunting & the frustrations that can come with hunting them.

29:02- Jessica's film that debuted in the Bad Lands Film Fest at ATA & how it resonated with Brandon. Jessica also talks about her passion for elk & how she got hooked hunting them.

36:41- How Braxton got into hunting as a child and his memories of hunting with his dad. He talks about having a fascination for hunting since he could walk, shooting his first bow at the age of 8 & what keeps him hooked today.

46:56- How Jessica got into the outdoors and her favorite place in the wilderness.

51:30- What is in the works for the future of Follow Her Arrow.

55:16- The difficulties of bowhunting & how the misses are relatable to others more than the kills, all while keeping an ethical mindset.

58:41- Wrapping up & what the wilderness means to both Braxton & Jessica.