Fresh from ATA in Indianapolis, we are joined by Garmin Project Manager, Chad VanCamp & Jon Sissney from His & Hers Outdoors, to talk about the first of-its-kind, bow-mounted laser range finder, the Garmin Xero. Chad shares his passion for this product & the years of dedication he and his team spent creating what he believes is the best sight on the market. Chad & Jon clarify some misleading information that has been said about the product and why they think the Xero will help you make a more ethical shot & not mortally wound an animal that you cannot locate. They also discuss the many features that make the Garmin Xero stand out from the rest, like the laser locate capability, the fact that it is the only sight like it that does not project any visible light & how it automatically measures distance to the target and provides an LED pin for the shot. If you want to step up your bowhunting game, then this is a must listen!


:48- Intro Chad VanCamp, Jon Sissney & the Garmin Xero.

2:39- The different laws state for state for using electronics on your bow and the research Garmin has done to make the Xero the first-of-its-kind to not project any visible lights towards a target.

4:49- Xero's laser locate capability using the Garmin watch and how it works. Chad also talks about the ethical portion of the Xero & the many years he & his team spent perfecting the product.

8:19- Jon's involvement in the Xero testing durability & many different prototypes in the field.

10:27- The misleading information that has been said about the product & the truth behind what the Xero really does. They also talk about the positive feedback they have received once people actually see the product.

15:45- The different models of the Xero & the difference between them.

16:52- The durability of the Xero including it's rating at IPX7 which means you can submerge it in a meter of water for 30 minutes, it's long battery life and the 1 year warranty.

19:42- Continuing the discussion of the different legislation & state laws that differ and when some laws may change to allow a product like this.

22:28- Some different scenarios where the Xero has helped or could have helped in the success of a shot and why this product won't necessarily make you more successful in the woods, but will make you more confident & comfortable in your shot.

30:04- The amount of time Chad spent working on the Xero and why he thinks this product will help you make a more ethical shot & not mortally wound an animal that you cannot locate.

34:05- Jon's experience getting the Xero on his bow and setting it up perfect for him.

37:03- The price point & what the technology & convenience is worth it to not need to buy extra sights for each bow you own.

38:55- Jon's wife's experience using a prototype & if it will change your classification in target competitions.

41:14- The future of His & Hers Outdoors with people cutting the cord from cable & moving to digital platforms.

43:00- Garmin's future and what needs to be done to spread the word of the technology they are using in the In Reach and how it keeps you safe.

55:38- Chad & Jon's next adventures in the wilderness.

56:56- Wrapping up & where to find out for information about the Garmin Xero.