For a lot of people, the New Year is all about resolutions, getting in shape & eating better. So we thought it would be the perfect time to have Kevin Guillen & Courtney Denham from Wilderness Athlete on, to talk about everything health & fitness. We review the releases of all the 2017 Wilderness Athlete products, including the Elite Line, Paleo(ish), K9Athlete, The Good Stuff, reformulations of some of their flavors and much more. Courtney & Kevin also explain what ingredients are key in each product and what each product does to achieve your desired results. We also discuss their new "Wild Goals" for 2018 and WA's involvement with the new online series, Adventures Enabled, that takes America’s Wounded Warriors on expeditions across North America, to experience the profound healing power of nature.


:43- Intro Courtney & Kevin

3:54- What goes into the process of reformulating products like the recent Cherry Limeade from CherryLime Lemon Lime and the response they have received from the new flavor.

7:29- The launch of Precision Vision & how important it is for eye health. They discuss the new ingredient that has been proven to help slow down macular degeneration & even help with depression.

11:08- April's launch of The Good Stuff & what each 30 servings bag includes. They also talk about how important probiotics are for gut health and how having a poor gut can effect your brain.

15:34- A full overview of the Elite Series products including what ingredients are in each one to help achieve your desired results. They also talk about taking the Nighttime Optimizer to a whole new level by adding some ingredients to normalize your natural testosterone & estrogen levels to create the new Midnight Build. They discuss how the science put into the Midnight Build plays a role in boosting energy levels & moods.

22:02- Brandon shares how much he likes the Elite Series products & what it does for him on a daily basis.

23:37- Courtney & Kevin discuss the release of the new Paleo(ish) line and how important it is to them, to help their customers who were looking for a dairy & soy free option that tastes good.

28:20- How tea leave extract in the Paleo(ish) line adds flavor without sweetener and why some people think it has a gritty taste to it.

31:49- Courtney & Kevin explain the process of sampling each flavor before picking THE one and how to get the flavor profile just right.

35:48- How K9Athlete came about & how much it benefits dogs. Courtney & Kevin talk about the amazing feedback they have had from customers who say the New Dog product has helped their older dogs act like puppies again and Brandon shares how his 13 year-old dog Buddy, who went from barely walking, to running, after using New dog.

43:13- The different between giving children Gatorade vs Hydrate & Recover and how we are now realizing that sugar is not good for you & your children.

45:28- The new Re-Bar launch. Courtney & Kevin talk about the new bars and how nice it is to have a product that you can chew. They also discuss the great flavors available & how easy it is to take this product into the backcountry. 

54:34- Country & Kevin talk about how important it is to them to listen to their customer's feedback and how great it feels knowing they are benefiting so many people with great products that taste good.

58:25- The Wild Kitchen Cookbooks. Brandon talks about how much he has enjoyed the recipes in Volume 1 and Courtney & Kevin give a little info on Volume 2, including recipes for dog treats and how they feature some amazing recipes that customer's sent it.

01:02:19- WA Wild Goals launch. Kevin explains how they wanted to come up with something to kickstart 2018, but did not want to use the word "resolution" because most people start a resolution and give it up soon after. So they decided on Wild Goals to encourage their customers to set goals for themselves in the outdoors. Every employee at Wilderness Athlete has set a Wild Goal for themselves for 2018 & the company will be giving away prizes on Instagram for lucky winners.

01:06:17- Courtney's "Wild Goal" to do the Rim to Rim to Rim this year and how much of a challenge it is, not only physically, but nutritionally and mentally.

01:16:02- Adventures Enabled. Courtney explains how amazing it is to work with the new online series, Adventures Enabled, that takes America’s Wounded Warriors on expeditions across North America, to experience the profound healing power of nature.

01:22:37- Wrapping up & last thoughts.