Joining us from Oklahoma is avid huntress, Ashley Nicholas. Ashley learned her passion for the wilderness at a very young age and has since surrounded herself with everything outdoors. She talks about her love for writing about the outdoors, taking photos and learning all she can about the whitetail deer. She shares the few moments in her life that she felt changed her and what she learned about herself from those experiences. We also talk about how animals have a sixth sense and trusting yourself and your shot.


:36- Intro Ashley

3:17- Ashley talks about meeting her husband and how much they have learned from each other when it comes to hunting.

6:34- How she got into the outdoors & into hunting. Her parents were dove hunters and her grandma was a huge fisher. She talks about her memories of her childhood with her grandma in the outdoors and how the outdoors is her calling.

12:49- How different things are when it comes to being able to get in the outdoors once you have children.

14:35- Ashley's passion for whitetail. She loves not just hunting them but just watching them & learning about them. She believes animals have a 6th sense.

21:04- Ashley talks about her passion for writing about the outdoors, taking photos of the wilderness & sharing her growth from the wilderness through her writing.

25:22- The rare 2 moments in Ashley's life that changed her and what she has learned about herself from those experiences.

33:34- Trusting your shot & trusting in yourself when you are hunting and still getting an ethical shot.

38:14- Ashley shares some advice to women hunters and why being true to yourself is so important.

41:21- Ashley's biggest role model in the outdoor industry.

43:23- Her upcoming appearance on Final Descent Outdoors on the Pursuit Channel with her husband Adam and the ups and downs that they had taking turns filming each other's hunts.

46:05- Ashley's camper and what her experiences have been like in the camper with a new baby.

47:50- Ashley's struggles with asthma & hunting. She also shares some other injuries that can affect her hunting and her tactics she has found to be helpful in hunting.

52:37- Ashley's favorite place in the wilderness.

54:25- What the wilderness does for her attitude.

55:56- Wrapping up. Where to follow Ashley and learn more about her life.