We are back with 2-time Naked & Afraid Expert Survivalist, Matt Wright and his wife, Pack Burro Racer, Brooke Wright. Part 2 is all about Naked & Afraid. Matt talks about how he found out about the show, deciding to apply and getting the news he was heading to the jungles of Thailand. He shares the experience of surviving in Thailand for 21 days, naked without anything, and then returning home, feeling like he wasn't challenged enough. He then tells the story of being casted for Naked & Afraid XL and going to the Amazon for what should have been 40 days. It is a story of pure heart, adventure, persistence, endurance and then heartbreak that ended in a nearly fatal incident. His journey of what he experienced in the Amazon is so epic, it's a must listen.

Photo Courtesy: David E. West

Photo Courtesy: David E. West


1:01- Matt explains how he heard of Naked & Afraid, deciding to apply and the application process that started his adventure of surviving in Thailand & the Amazon, naked.

5:10- After Matt was casted on the first show, what he did to prepare himself to be naked in the wild and then the reality sinking in of what he got himself into after arriving in Thailand.

8:27- Meeting his partner for the first time and the very first thing she said to him.

10:41- Matt's experience in Thailand, surviving in torrential rain. He explains how he was there for 21 days and 19 of them, it was raining. He also talks about the show ending and not feeling like he was challenged enough and wanting to do it again.

16:14- Finding out about Naked & Afraid XL which is 40 days instead of 21 and telling the producers he wanted to go to the most difficult location. Matt talks about being told he was going to the Amazon which had always been a life-long dream.

19:59- Starting his journey for Naked & Afraid XL and wanting to be the first person in the shows history to kill a big game animal.

22:40- Matt's epic adventure of killing a jungle pig in the Amazon by himself, with no camera crew and his hunt for survival.

44:40- Matt's experience of being on such a high from getting the first big game animal in the show's history to the biggest low when he suddenly got a very rare flesh eating bacteria in his foot.

58:45- Returning home from Naked & Afraid and really focusing his energy on his Extreme Instinct brand and wanting to make the best custom knives he could to help keep people alive because he now knows how important a knife can be when you are in the wild.

01:02:49- The behind the scenes info on how Naked & Afraid works. Is it really as real as they say it is?

01:06:33- Matt & Brooke's future and the future of Extreme Instinct. They will continue to teach survival classes & are going to start bowfishing adventures in Florida, where they will take people there and teach them how to bowfish. They also talk about how today's society has really lost their basic instinct to survive without cell phones, batteries and technology.

01:12:25- Matt's hero and what it is like to be a knife maker.

01:16:11- Wrapping up & end.