This week we are joined by 2-time Naked & Afraid contestant & Survivalist, Matt Wright and his wife, Pack Burro Racer & Huntress, Brooke Wright. These two are the definition of living the Wilderness Attitude in everything they do. This podcast is a 2-part adventure from start to finish. In part 1, we dive into their childhood growing up in the outdoors, from Matt's 1st elk hunt at the age of 12 to Brooke's love for horses, which led her to find one of her biggest passions, pack burro racing. We also go on the journey of how they met, Matt introducing Brooke to bowfishing and the epic proposal that started in the jungles of Thailand and ended in a tent on the top of a Colorado mountain. Enjoy and make sure you tune into part 2 because it is a wild naked ride!


:54- Introduction to Matt & Brooke.

3:30- Matt's childhood growing up in the outdoors. While other kids were inside, he was on his own little "nature quest". He tells the story of killing his first elk at the age of 12.

6:39- How important it is to honor an animal that you harvest and what some believe is dishonoring an animal.

8:29- Matt's experience at 15 years-old guiding his dad & other people's hunts. He talks about how he still continues to guide to this day and how hunting is not just something you can learn, you have to do it & immerse yourself in it.

13:10- Matt's days in the Air force, his reasoning for joining and what caused him to leave.

17:23- What Matt learned about himself in the Air Force and what he took away from his experience that helped him with his company Extreme Instinct.

19:26- The different survival skills Matt has learned and teaches today including primitive weapons, fire, trapping, hunting, primitive fishing, flint-knapping, basketry, cordage, hide tanning, shelter, water purification, tracking, and navigation.

22:36- How Brooke & Matt met at a gun show and Matt's persistence paying off. They also share their first few dating experiences including camping "Matt's way", without any gear or a tent.

29:05- Brooke's childhood growing up in rural eastern Colorado raising horses, cows & hogs. She did not really fish or camp and never hunted.

32:04- Brooke shares how she got into burro racing, the bond she has with her donkey Farnsworth and the experience of racing with Farnsworth anywhere from 15 to 29 miles.

37:50- Brooke talks about how important it is to trust your burro when racing and the story of her last race in Fairplay, CO when she should have listened to what Farnsworth was trying to tell her.

39:50- Matt's story of attempting to do a burro race with a rental burro.

42:21- The background of pack burro racing and how the sport is going into it's 70th year, dating back to the gold mining days. They also talk about the intensity of the race, the rules behind it and the methods to be successful. 

48:36- Brooke's first experience bowfishing in Florida and getting an alligator. Matt talks about how impressed he was with her because she had never shot a bow before and how she fell in love with it.

59:23- The story of how Matt proposed to Brooke on Naked & Afraid and then coming home after the show and previewing the episode with Brooke in a tent, on a mountain in Colorado, while getting down on one knee, with a custom made ring.

01:07:14- End of Part 1