We are back with part 2 of NASCAR Champion & current NASCAR Hall of Fame Nominee, Bobby Labonte and his wife, former professional cyclist, Kristin Labonte. We dive right into Kristin's first hunt in Alaska and Bobby jumps right in to the tell the epic adventure. They also share their experience working with the RMEF tagging baby elk calves right when they were born and Bobby talks about his most recent trip to Saskatchewan, Canada hunting deer in extremely cold temperatures. We also talk about what the wilderness does for both of them and Bobby's car collection that includes every car he ever raced.


:31- Kristin's first hunting trip to Alaska and the epic adventure she had on that trip as well as her 2nd trip to Alaska for deer.

9:01- Kristin's takeaway from her hunting experiences in Alaska and the respect she now has for the people who live in there.

12:19- Kristin & Bobby's experience working with the RMEF finding & tagging baby elf calves in Pennsylvania when they were just born.

18:33- Bobby's hunts in Saskatchewan, Canada including his most recent hunt there in extremely cold temperatures and getting a 13-point buck that scored 162.

25:02- Bobby talks about his experiences hunting with a camera crew. He also talks about what he learned from Coach Joe Gibbs about doing what you love in front of a big crowd and how it is the same as hunting on camera.

28:13- Bobby & Kristin's favorite places in the wilderness, how amazing Alaska is and their love for fly fishing.

36:24- What the wilderness means to both of them now vs when they were younger.

42:20- Bobby talks about building the NC Quarter Midget Speedway for the kids of North Carolina and how important it is to hand your passions down to the younger generation & your children.

46:57- Bobby talks about his car collection that includes every car he has ever raced and his current nomination for the NASCAR Hall Of Fame.

50:23- Bobby talks about his favorite car that he ever raced.

52:17- Wrapping up