This podcast is so great, we split it into 2 parts! We had the pleasure of sitting down with NASCAR Champion & current NASCAR Hall of Fame Nominee, Bobby Labonte and his wife, former professional cyclist, Kristin Labonte. This podcast has a little something for everyone from stories of their NASCAR & Cycling careers to their awesome adventures hunting & fishing. Part 1 includes the story of how they met, how they are both still involved in the sports they love and the mental side to being a professional athlete. We dive a little bit into their experiences in the outdoors but you will have to tune into part 2 for their epic adventures of hunting & fishing including Kristin's first hunt in Alaska, Bobby's hunts in Saskatchewan and helping the RMEF tag baby elk calves.


:43- Intro to Part 1 of Kristin & Bobby Labonte.

4:21- The story of how Bobby & Kristin met after years of knowing of each other.

11:34- How their relationship works together and the different things they do as a couple in business including their Marketing Company, Breaking Limits.

15:47- Kristin's career in Marketing and her progression from cycling & balancing a career.

19:37- Bobby's love for racing, how he still continues to be involved in the sport of racing and what he does these days to fulfill the thrill racing gave him.

25:00- The sport of cycling & Kristin's cycling career including overcoming a few big crashes.

28:17- The mental side of cycling & racing and how Bobby & Kristin both processed the mental game in their professional sport.

34:29- The overlap between NASCAR & hunting and how Bobby finds relaxation from being in the outdoors hunting & fishing.

39:17- If Bobby considers himself more of a hunter or a fisher.

40:07- Kristin's childhood growing up trapping & fishing with her father and never hunting until she met Bobby.

45:08- The start of Kristin's first epic hunt in Alaska. To be continued in Part 2.